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J. Davis International - JDI International Network

Networking on a New Level

The JDI Network connects German clients with professionals in the USA.

Europäische und Amerikanische Experten verbinden

Connecting European & American Markets

Find the right contacts quick and easy!

Use the JDI Network for intercontinental projects like purchases and sales, import and export, internationalization of business, immigration and emigration and more.

Tools, Guidance & Support

Coordination and beyond

The face behind the idea. Helping others with expertise, intuition and ingenuity to achieve international goals.

"I've always said it should be much easier to communicate between two continents."

- Julia Davis

Julia Davis Schittko J. Davis International - JDI International Network

Let JDI do the work!

The JDI Network allows German clients to easily find their needed professionals in the United States.

Simultaneously, American experts get access to a portfolio of German clients looking for help.

With the JDI Blog and Downloads you get insights about everything about life in the US, so you get a head start for your next project!

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